Welcome to TileStats. I’m Andreas Tilevik and I have developed this site to share my videos and tutorials in biostatistics and systems biology. I’m working as a professor at the University of Skövde, Sweden. I teach courses in biostatistics, bioinformatics and systems biology for students with a biological background. My main research interest is in theoretical immunology. Note that, although I have double-checked the videos, it is likely that I have done mistakes when creating these videos.

Selected publications 

  • Potter, R., Ayala, M., & Tilevik, A. (2024). Identification of biomarker candidates for exfoliative glaucoma from autoimmunity profiling. BMC ophthalmology24(1), 44.
  • Fernandes, R. A., Ganzinger, K. A., Tzou, J. C., Jönsson, P., Lee, S. F., Palayret, M., … & Klenerman, D. (2019). A cell topography-based mechanism for ligand discrimination by the T cell receptor. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences116(28), 14002-14010.
  • Wallner, F. K., Hopkins, M. H., Woodworth, N., Bark, T. L., Olofsson, P., & Tilevik, A. (2018). Correlation and cluster analysis of immunomodulatory drugs based on cytokine profiles. Pharmacological research128, 244-251.
  • Wallner, F. K., Hopkins, M. H., Lindvall, T., Olofsson, P., & Tilevik, A. (2017). Cytokine correlation analysis based on drug perturbation. Cytokine90, 73-79.




How do I cite one of your videos?

Below, I show one example:

Tilevik, A. “How to select a multivariate analysis or machine learning method.” YouTube, TileStats, 2023. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XMZ_0aloVAc&t=185s.

Can I get a transcript of the video?

You can buy most of the videos as plain PDFs. See under “Shop” on this page.

What book do you use to base all your videos on?

All examples are based on my own experience and on various online materials.

Can you make a video on ….?

I work as a full-time professor and all videos have so far been produced for my students. Making a new video takes about 30-40 hours.

I have a statistical problem, can you please help me?

I simply do not have time for individual consulting. Try to post the question as a comment on a related video and I will try to answer that there.

I work as a teacher and would like to use some of your examples and figures, is that ok?

As long as you cite and acknowledge my work, it is fine.